Home Insurance

The Insurance Guy offers a full line of insurance coverages that are tailored to your specific needs.

Homeowners insurance will cover your home, and includes personal property such as clothing, furniture,appliances, and sports equipment.

Renters Insurance is often overlooked even though it is equally important and very affordable. Renters insurance protects you from loss of personal items when renting an apartment or house.

Personal Articles Floater is designed to cover above and beyond your homeowner's policy. It gives you ALL RISK protection. This policy is primarily for costly items such as expensive jewelry, silver, artwork and antiques may need more coverage that what your standard homeowner's policy can provide.

Umbrella coverage insurance is additional liability insurance applied as excess over primary policies, such as personal liability, auto liability, watercraft liability, limited business pursuits liability and rental liability. This coverage is designed for people who have something to protect above and beyond traditional insurance coverage.

Flood insurance is a separate policy to protect your home in case of flood, however not all homes require flood insurance. We will be happy to check to see if your home is in a flood zone and give you a free flood insurance quote.

Dwelling Fire insurance is primarily used if the home you own is occupied by tenants. This type of policy mainly covers the home as there is not much need for coverage of your personal property.

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